One App to Run Loyalty


Why Bonex?

Bonex is your opportunity to build loyalty with engagement. What is the difference? Loyalty does not imply activity in the decision to make a purchase, and involvement gives the buyer the freedom to choose the brand that meets their requirements, and the sellers – to get a truly loyal customer.

A single App for accessing all loyalty programs

Ability to choose what to redeem rewards for​

A one-stop solution for loyalty rewards management

A unified market of loyalty bonuses

Bonex solution

A single app for loyalty management

Ability to emit own loyalty tokens

A stanalone blockchain with its own coin

Cross-platform compability

Built-in decentralized exchange

Media about us

Bonex, a new blockchain service will launch in Ukraine. In a single network merchants will be able to tokenize customer bonuses and issue coins of all ERC standards.
Ukrainian start-up will turn out bonuses and discounts in crypto-market stores. Users in the shared network will be able to exchange their tokens

Our partners

Deloitte - market intelligence partner

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