Get bonuses from all merchants. Spend. Exchange.

Bonex is a mobile-first loyalty points management platform that enables its users to track, manage and exploit multiple loyalty programs with a single app, where any irrelevant or inopportune points can be easily exchanged with other Bonex platform users for those that make more sense to them and provide better value.


Participating in loyalty programs is easier than ever since all of them are kept in one simple mobile app - no more cards, coupons or vouchers to hold in order to activate customer rewards.

Customers get value from participating in loyalty programs regardless of what they are rewarded with since they can exchange loyalty points with other platform users.

Having a possibility to manage all of the loyalty programs in one app and exchange the points they receive gives customers more control over their experience - they finally get to make it more relevant, meaningful and absolutely effortless.

Customer problems

Complexity of loyalty programs

Expiration of bonuses

Time-locks and delays

Too many plastic cards

Too many merchant apps

Lack of individual rewards