For merchants

Cutting-cost and waste-free approach to enhanced customer loyalty

Bonex is a loyalty program management platform, designed to help merchants boost their customer loyalty through providing them with the mobile-first experience-based solution that allows not only keeping all the loyalty programs in one app but also exchanging the received points with each other


By allowing customers to exchange their loyalty points with each other, merchants get to offer them more relevant, timely rewards and meet their expectations at no extra costs of studying customers preference and personalizing loyalty programs for them

Merchants can finally eliminate the burden and simplify the terms of participation in loyalty programs for their customers, thereby, substantially increasing their engagement

The mobile-first points-based solution allows merchants to create a frictionless reward experience for their customers and, therefore, drive the use of loyalty points

Incorporating loyalty programs into the Bonex network allows merchants to not only boost their customer retention rates but also to afford customer acquisition due to the increased awareness of their loyalty programs in the new markets

Due to the way the Bonex network is designed, merchants can do not need to make large investments in technology adaptation and development and can launch their loyalty programs at minimum onboarding and support costs.

Merchant problems

Inactive membership

Low customer engagement

Opaque accounting

Internal & external fraud

Erratic impact on financial results