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Dear, <NAME>!

We, at BONEX.IO, have developed an innovative decentralized platform for managing loyalty bonuses. It is based on the distributed ledger technologies. BONEX Platform provides a cards-free solution where all bonuses issued by different brands are represented in a digital form. In order to maximize users’ engagement Bonus holders can exchange their rewards at the dedicated BONEX Exchange at current market rates.


Advantages for <BUSINESS NAME>:

  • Reduced costs of loyalty management technology
  • Unprecedented transparency and accounting of all operations
  • Fully measurable effect
  • Increased conversion and higher liquidity of your bonuses

Advantages for <BUSINESS NAME> customers:

  • A unified mobile application will replace many other merchants apps
  • Full control over bonuses and their expiration dates
  • Transfer bonuses from one wallet to another (send and receive)
  • Exchange/trade bonuses to each other directly from the wallet
  • GDPR compatible way to manage personal data

We invite <BUSINESS NAME> to be among the first to experience the benefits of BONEX platform by participating in the pilot programme. I am happy to answer your questions or tell more about Bonex upon your request.

Kind regards,

Sergey Bondarenko
Creative director and co-founder
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