Q2, 2018

Research and development stage, concept validation with major stakeholders. Pre-seed investment round.

Q3, 2018

Design of Bonex Ecosystem, technical architecture development and business process modelling.

Q4, 2018

MVP development. Bootstrapping MVP development. All willing agents have an opportunity to test and contribute to the development of the Ecosystem. Seed investment round.

Q1, 2019

MVP with all core functionality is released. Pre-pilot run. IR activities, roadshows and business development in Europe, USA and Asia.

Q2, 2019

Pilot project started with selected merchants in Ukraine. Series A investment round via private placement or STO.

Q3, 2019

Beta Version. Launching a Beta version of Bonex Ecosystem. Further development and user experience improvement. Working on an Alpha version of the product. Running the bug bounty.

Q4, 2019

Full Release in Ukraine. Pilot launch in Europe. After the release, the Bonex team plans to focus on consultancy, promotion, development and international scaling.