For seven months, employees conducted versatile experiments and research in the field of the theory and practice of loyalty.

The studies covered various areas of psychology, marketing, sociology, and other related sciences. Extensive analytical work was carried out together with scientists from the International Institute of Management under the direction of Volodymyr Danko, Professor of Business Administration Department

As a part of the research, deep work was carried out with partners from Deloitte. As part of this study, the needs of consumers and sellers were identified, and more than 40 use cases were identified that formed the basis of our mission to create a new form of loyalty.

Studies have revealed unique data that helped to understand the real motivation of sellers and buyers and create the perfect loyalty formula. To do this, we used the accumulated knowledge from multi-sources (approx. 100 science research articles).

The Plan of Research:

  • Customer side: overall experience, UI/UX, values, mechanics, behavior patterns
  • Merchant/Vendor side: corporate management over marketing, sales, loyalty management, accounting & finance, legal, technology, and risk management
  • CRM developer: merchant/vendor UX/UI, integration capabilities
  • Market: growth, geographical, cultural difference
  • In-house research of loyalty markets (V.Makarov and team, white paper) 40+ reports on loyalty
  • MiM research (objectives, 500+ public financial reports, 5 industries). Order full report here.
  • NBU University  – macroeconomic modeling; Objectives: 1), 2), 3)…
  • B2B Loyalty – current practices, user cases
  • Corporate empolyee loyalty – current practices and use cases